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Want to send money to Slovakia for free without dealing with banks or exorbitant transfer fees? We’re here to help! Thanks to Ozan’s no-fee policy and convenient payment solutions, you’ll get to experience the cheapest way to send money to Slovakia. Plus, our mobile platform allows you to wire money to Slovakia in just minutes—no matter where you are in the world.

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Our quick verification process lets you transfer money instantly to Slovakia.

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Send money abroad to Slovakia from your smartphone, tablet or PC—no transfer fees.

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If you want to wire money to Slovakia, Ozan’s secure infrastructure simply can’t be beat.

Money transfer to Slovakia

Slovakia might be the sixth smallest nation in Europe, but the country enjoys a steady influx of revenue thanks to its duty-free status and year-round tourism. Whether you’re interested in international money transfer to Slovakia for your upcoming vacation or you wish to beat transfer fees for your business needs, ozan offers a fast, secure network for instant money transfer to Slovakia.

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How to wire money to Slovakia?

To wire money online to Slovakia, all you have to do is sign up for ozan membership, which is fast and easy thanks to our quick verification process. You can then load money to your account on your smartphone, tablet or computer, no matter where you are in the world. Our global transfer network and experienced customer support team allow you to send money instantly to Slovakia with no fees.

Receive money from Slovakia

You can also receive money from Slovakia right into your bank account by taking advantage of the various methods offered by ozan to withdraw funds locally.

Take advantage of ozan’s e-money transfer network

Given Slovakia's close proximity to both Spain and France, the country is ideally situated for you to use ozan's extensive network to transfer money easily to these countries as well as other European states nearby like Belgium, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Monaco and Switzerland. Choose from 13 different currencies to send money in minutes, no matter where you’re traveling.
Send money to Slovakia instantly

Send money to Slovakia instantly

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All it takes is a few steps to transfer money online to Slovakia using Ozan’s secure mobile platform. Just log into your account, enter the amount of money you wish to send, and type the recipient’s information (along with a note explaining why you’re transferring funds). Hit “Send” and you’re good to go!

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ozan is a personalized digital wallet that allows you to keep all your bank accounts, credit cards and debit cards in one secure place. Our quick verification process and no-fee policy enable you to send money to and receive money from 36 countries instantly. You can also use ozan to exchange money among 14 currencies at the best rates in just a few easy steps.

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